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technology mature

  • assessing technical maturity | the mitre corporation

    Assessing Technical Maturity | The MITRE Corporation

    Definition: Assessing the maturity of a particular technology involves determining its readiness for operations across a spectrum of environments with a final objective of transitioning it to the user.

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  • mature technology - wikipedia

    Mature technology - Wikipedia


    Technology maturation - USAASC

    Technology transition is the process by which a technology is determined mature enough to move from science and technology (S&T) into a DOD acquisition program. Transitions play a critical role in

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  • bringing technology to the mature classroom: age

    Bringing technology to the mature classroom: age

    Mar 23, 2020 · Mature students are anecdotally thought to be more anxious about technology than younger students, to the extent that they avoid using technology. This is a problem in today’s higher education classrooms which often use a range of learning technologies, particularly as cohorts are becoming more and more likely to contain mature students.

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  • it maturity matters because it matters

    IT Maturity Matters Because IT Matters

    There are no shortcuts to high IT maturity, but picking the right technology can accelerate your journey. Conversely, the wrong technology can hinder you. As IT organizations grow and mature, the IT management technology on which they rely becomes more complex. With a larger toolset footprint comes a larger application management overhead.

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  • 9 mature tech stocks to buy for dividends | dividends | us

    9 Mature Tech Stocks to Buy for Dividends | Dividends | US

    May 10, 2018 · However, a number of legacy technology names are mature businesses. Though their fastest growth is behind them, they remain attractive for …

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  • as the technology matures | english examples in context

    as the technology matures | English examples in context

    But as the technology matures, satellite tracking will inevitably be an important part of the penal system, experts say. The New York Times - Tech 3 The hope throughout the industry is for battery prices to decline as the technology matures and manufacturing efficiencies are developed.

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  • technology life cycle - wikipedia

    Technology life cycle - Wikipedia

    Most new technologies follow a similar technology maturity lifecycle describing the technological maturity of a product. This is not similar to a product life cycle, but applies to an entire technology, or a generation of a technology.

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  • defining a mature industry

    Defining a Mature Industry

    Jun 26, 2019 · A mature industry is an industry that has passed both the emerging and growth phases of industry growth. At the beginning of the industry lifecycle, new products or …

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