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fire fighting pump

  • fire-fighting pump | ksb

    Fire-fighting pump | KSB

    The following systems are used for venting (see Self-priming pump ): Water ring pump, continuously running on a common shaft with the fire-fighting pump Oil ring pump installed next to the fire-fighting pump, driven by the shaft of the fire-fighting pump via a friction Eductor (see Eductor-jet

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  • fire fighting water pumps - portable fire fighting pumps

    Fire Fighting Water Pumps - Portable Fire Fighting Pumps

    Fire fighting water pumps by Absolute Water Pumps. We also have portable stand-by fire fighting water pumps, chemical water pumps, high pressure water pumps, and extended run water pumps and water pumps accessories.

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  • fire pump - wikipedia

    Fire pump - Wikipedia


    Fire Pumps and Systems for Firefighting Applications - RP

    Ruhrpumpen offers a complete range of fire fighting solutions from horizontal and vertical Fire Pumps to complete pre-packaged Fire Systems. Ruhrpumpen’s Horizontal Split Case, Horizontal End Suction, Vertical Turbines and Vertical In-Line centrifugal pumps combine the latest in hydraulic design with almost a century of application experience to meet today’s security requirements.

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  • fire pump sizing and selection - phcp pros

    Fire Pump Sizing and Selection - PHCP Pros

    Mar 14, 2014 · Horizontal split case pumps are also called double-suction fire pumps, because the water pathways direct water to both sides of the impeller. They are the most common type of fire pump on the market, partly because of the ratings available in this style of …

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  • erduro - fluid solutions - fire fighting pump

    ERDURO - Fluid Solutions - Fire Fighting Pump

    Fire Fighting Pump Design Features. EARS / EARS-D / ETKF / ETKF-I / ESCE / ESPL / ESPS • Modern and efficient design with high performans. • The wide product range to suit every need. • Multi-stage, vertical or horizontal type, end-suction pump is the norm, inline, double suction split volute casing pumps can be manufactured.

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  • home | fire fighting pumps | davey pump | thermo gel

    Home | Fire Fighting Pumps | Davey Pump | Thermo Gel

    Preparing to defend your home starts by following your Fire Department's instructions on creating a "Defensible Space" and purchasing a Fire Pump and Hose Package. Fires are dangerous and we do not advocate being unsafe. Being prepared includes knowing when to evacuate. FREE Fire Agency Guides to Wildfire Protection and Defensible Space.

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